We believe in you, and we believe that together we can create outstanding outcomes.

If you’ve imagined the possibilities, then connect with us to create the results.

Our team works collaboratively with each other and with entrepreneurs, drawing upon each other’s strengths and spending significant time together to ensure the optimal success of each of our portfolio companies.


If you are a dedicated and driven entrepreneur with the need to accelerate your developmental stage business and have a proprietary technology platform and a proven or promising leadership team – we can help you grow. You've come to the right place. Look at our criteria and determine if we're a good fit for your opportunity. We'd love to hear from you.

Our Criteria.


Start-up/Seed, Early Stage, Operating Businesses


United States and Canada

Industry Sectors

Healthcare Technology and Services, Consumer Technology and Services, Manufacturing and Production, Agricultural Products and Services, Financial Invest- ments, Banking and Real Estate, and other remarkable ideas.

Offering Characteristics

Technology, products or services that offer a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage in a marketplace. These competitive advantages should be backed by intellectual property and scientific know-how and should be quantifiable. Market Size $100M or greater.

Investment Size

Capital Investment from $50,000 up to $8 Million.

Founders and Management

Ideal candidates are founders with relevant industry and/or technical expertise, a willingness to build a world-class management team beyond themselves, and a sole focus on the opportunity. Entrepreneurs must share our objective of creating a company with rapid growth and plan to exit five to seven years later, by sale or initial public offering.


The key to generating consistently strong investment returns is to follow a rigorous and consistent investment process. Prairie Ventures has a unique combination of medical, healthcare technology, public company and investment management expertise focused on identifying and investing in early-stage, entrepreneurial, healthcare companies.

Our experience as operators, coupled with the support of an experienced internal team providing critical shared business services, has enabled our portfolio companies to capitalize on their core expertise and intellectual property to grow their businesses with an eye to realizing value through sale or public offering. If you are interested in our investments, please contact us.