We are dedicated to recruiting, supporting and growing extraordinary businesses with early stage and growth stage entrepreneurial teams in any industry, with a focus in healthcare technology. There is a powerful movement in the healthcare industry stemming from advanced technology delivery mechanisms, population shifts, governmental policies, and consumerism of care. We believe that people deserve better outcomes and by identifying and growing sustainable investments, we create powerful, transformative, healthcare business concepts; invest in life changing technologies; and, ultimately, provide patients with a healthier life.

Established in July of 2000, we currently operate a dynamic portfolio of individual companies and investment positions.



Ceresti addresses the problem of ineffective dementia care in the home.  Ceresti partners with families and caregivers to improve the experience of living with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias.  Ceresti's dementia care program is a technology-enabled service focused on population health for dementia; aimed at reducing costs for payers and providers, while increasing quality of life for patients and reducing caregiver burden.  The Company's program reduces the risk of unnecessary emergency room visits, unnecessary hospitalization, or premature institutionalization using proprietary processes, evidence-based practices, and care management services that are delivered via Ceresti's mobile health platform.



Mikroscan is based in Carlsbad, California and manufactures advanced brightfield microscopy solutions for use in real time telemicroscopy and telepathology applications.   Our solutions serve a variety of applications in anatomic/surgical pathology, veterinary pathology, teaching and research settings. In the clinic, hospital groups looking to improve efficiency through remote evaluation of frozen sections and fine needle aspirations make use of our system. We have additional solutions that take the place of multi-head microscopes used to train pathology residents and medical students, and permit researchers to collect images, store them and share them for later analysis.


Organizational Intelligence

Organizational Intelligence offers cost accounting, budgeting, and decision support applications designed to improve your organization’s ability to identify and manage performance improvement initiatives. OI effectively identifies and analyzes financial and clinical performance issues by providing users with unparalleled access to dynamic reporting, including dashboards. Our functionality includes: Forecasting, Financial Reporting, Cost Accounting, Labor Statistics, Clinical Performance, Quality Measures, Operational and Capital Budgeting, What-if Analysis, Allocations, Contract Management and Encounters, Dashboards, Heads-Up Displays, Patient and Employee Surveys. OI is an affordable solution designed for today’s healthcare management teams. It sets the standard for functionality, usability, flexibility, and value.



QualityStar® provides independent, professional third-party quality assurance services for anatomic pathology, radiology, cardiology imaging (echocardiography), anesthesiology, telemedicine/telehealth and surgical procedures. Our service provides longitudinal and benchmarking data by provider to hospitals and healthcare systems. The services offered enable clients to reduce diagnostic variability, enhance patient safety, document quality level to payers and patients, and enhance employee productivity. These outcomes have direct impacts on controlling costs, improving quality and increasing revenues for a client organization.


Encounter Telehealth (Acquired in 2015)

Encounter Telehealth provides consistent, compassionate and convenient care utilizing state-of-the-art telehealth techology, providers and resources.  Through the Encounter Telepsychiatry division, we diagnose and treat rural residents by serving patients located at home, in a care facility, in a nursing home or in a hospital setting. Encounter also offers home sleep studies for screening and diagnosis of sleep apnea and related disorders. Acquired in November 2015.


HealthInterlink (Acquired in 2014)

In November 2014 Welch Allyn, Inc  acquired the assets of HealthInterlink, LLC.  Welch Allyn is a leading medical diagnostic device company that delivers pragmatic innovation at the point of care, helping healthcare providers overcome complex challenges with simple solutions. HealthInterlink offers Welch Allyn a unique opportunity to better serve its U.S. customers by offering them an mHealth solution optimized for cost-effective collection and delivery of remote health information. HealthInterlink® is an innovative medical software company specializing in remote patient monitoring. Beacon® by HealthInterlink is FDA 510(k) cleared and is a flexible and intuitive software application that monitors, communicates and manages patients in their homes easily and effectively, by incorporating wireless patient monitoring devices and a gateway device (e.g. tablet or smart phone) which transmits physiological data, answers to questions, and messages to healthcare providers. Welch Allyn acquired HealthInterlink Assets in 2014.


TAGG (Together A Greater Good)

TAGG’s purpose is to revolutionize the way businesses and people do their part to give back to non-profits, schools, and teams.  TAGG’s mobile app, launching this summer, makes giving back fun & easy by allowing users to "TAGG" their purchases at participating businesses.  Through social media integration, the TAGG app also provides awareness for non-profits and businesses.  Every single interaction with the app inspires & motivates users to take part in the social good.



PerceptiMed, Inc. develops and markets a medical device for eliminating medication errors in pharmacies, hospitals, and nursing homes. It offers IdentRx, a point-of-care medication safety system that determines the medication and dosage of individual pills in real-time; checks each pill in a medication pass against the doctor’s prescription; and ensures delivery to the right patient at the right time. PerceptiMed's products make the dispensing and administration of prescription drugs safer, reducing injuries and death. Its groundbreaking VeriFill™ technology removes the margin of human error and sets the industry standard for medication verification.


Liquid Grids

Liquid Grids combines powerful analytics, targeted buyer personas and inbound strategies to create a full-service marketing solution for the healthcare industry. From our all-inclusive managed service to our upcoming do-it-yourself SaaS solution, Liquid Grids has marketing solutions specifically designed for the healthcare industry. Direct to Persona™ marketing means that every decision is powered by our comprehensive, data-driven buyer personas and our inbound marketing techniques to drive leads and generate engagement with quality content and adverts.



Bioz allows scientific researchers to make better decisions when planning their next experiment. The comprehensive cloud-based NLP data-mining application facilitates quick and easy search, to identify the most relevant reagents and associated insights. Bioz’s platform incorporates full-text analysis with relevancy ranking of results, research-relevant correlations, reagent product ratings, and researcher collaboration optimization.


LindMark Investments

LindMark Investments is a vehicle for the acquisition of real estate. The LindMark portfolio currently includes investments in southern California and Nebraska. LindMark owns rental properties, condominiums, and agricultural and development acreage.

JasperStone Partners

JasperStone Partners is a full-service real estate investment firm that brings together a group of seasoned professionals through a common vision for values, discipline and opportunity. These professionals possess extensive experience in real estate investment, management, construction, law and finance for some of the most distinguished companies and individuals in the Central United States.


United Republic Bank (Acquired in 2017)

United Republic Bank is the premier community bank in the region. It provides its clients with superior financial products and services, personalized to meet their needs, as well as a return on shareholders’ investments that exceeds industry peer group standards. United Republic Bank delivers high quality customer service that meets the financial needs of the community, its businesses and its citizens. Acquired in 2017.



Rozene Development International (Rozene) Rozene is poised to simplify the process of establishing, installing and operating tele-video medical appointments from urban providers into rural and remote locations. We know how to bring together the best people, prepare the best protocols, provide the most advanced state-of-the-art technology, and above all we know how to making scheduling telehealth appointments a breeze. The coordination needed for scheduling of tele-video appointments involves juggling the many details needed for the successful operation of a telehealth system: doctor and patient availability, video equipment set-up and accessible at both locations, and patient room reservation. Rozene will handle all of that and more, as the need arises. Our aim is to help you provide outstanding medical care. We take care of all the details.


WriteLife Imprint (Acquired in 2014)

WriteLife Publishing has now become a part of Boutique of Quality Books Publishing family.  On August 29th, Boutique of Quality Books Company acquired the WriteLife Publishing imprint from Prairie Ventures of Omaha, NE.   With the addition of the WriteLife imprint, the catalog for Boutique of Quality Books Publishing will expand to well over 100 titles and growing. Acquired in 2014 by BQB Publishing.


Labotix (Aquired in 2013)

LABOTIX Automation, Inc. is a North American corporation operating out of Canada and the United States. It develops and manufactures automation technology for the clinical and non-clinical analytical laboratory market. Prairie Ventures identified and purchased the international laboratory automation company. We grew the instrument vendor-independent automation system using user-defined process control software to increase productivity of clinical laboratories. The business was sold in March 2013 by Cerner.  Read the press release.


UNeLAB (Acquired)

Prairie Ventures identified and purchased a domestic laboratory automation company with an undervalued technology portfolio and inventory of laboratory technology. Management capitalized on long standing relationships to execute a bidding process between eight industry leaders among in vitro diagnostic companies. The company was sold 15 months after purchase for cash to Abbott.

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